Chips of the Future!

Chips of the Future

Crispy Snacks Ltd has launched highly innovative fruit and vegetable crisps at The Vitality Show 24- 27 Mar 2011. Our company is set to revolutionise the thriving snack industry by providing a tasty and healthy alternative to sugar filled and fatty foods. Our crisps are free from additives, added sugar and each packet contains less than 1% fat making it the perfect snack for children’s packed lunches, diabetics and those watching their weight.

Our wide range of fat and salt free fruit and vegetable crisps are made by innovative MIRVAC technology perfected by Paula company, which does not cause any changes in the nutritious structure of fruits and vegetables.
Thanks to the latest and the most advanced production technology called MIRVAC (worldwide innovative method of fruit and vegetables dehydration the product inside the vacuumed pack retains almost all nutritious values present in fresh fruits and vegetables because the water is evaporated from the products in a form of steam within a short time (only 2 hours). Dried fruits or vegetables are therefore crispy and crunchy. They contain the equivalent of 5-a Day portion of fruit and vegetables.
Choosing Crispy Apple, Beetroot, Carrot and Tomato Chips you choose innovation, health, clear and man friendly natural environment.