Pros and cons of food dehydrating

Food Dehydrating

You are what you eat . With that in mind you need to be cautious of every food practise method you adopt . Dehydratinf food has its advantage and disadvantages . It is upon you to decide whether which food suit you better depending on your nutrinal and other needs .

Pros of food dehydration

The food taste improves

Taking an example of fruits , the natural sugar component is intensified when dried giving a sweeter taste . Some of the fruit to test the fact are aplle , pears , starberrie and peaches .

Dried food is convininet and healthy

Dehydrated foods are better more so when taling of heatheir snacks . From fruits to meat , suc foods are easier to transport due to their lightened weight in absence of water . Therefroe is you are thinking of going for camping or a family picnic , dry food means you get to pack light . You get to enjot the taste , high nutrinial value and not trouble carriyign the food . Again if you are to stay in an isolated place for long , dried food last longer making it more convininet .

The cons of dehydrated food .

The dehydrating process

Fod dehydration takes time . gto reach the desired result , one need to be atient , experiment and give the food emough time for the process to be complete . On the other hand fresh foods are considered active and alive . To avoid losing food nutrinal value , the dehydrating process need to be done when the food is fresh so to avoid losing the goodiness in them .

Appearance and taste

If you are used to fresh food , the taste of dried food might taste off at the begingin. Note that the food dried at home will taste difrent from dried food in the stores.

Food appearance is one factor that determine the appetaite . A fresh apple appears better than a dries one . This migt affect your apptetite and hence how many you get to eat .

Drying food means losing the water component . If your meal has less water component and you are in a higly involving activity such as hiking , your risk getting dehydrated resulting to headaches . For such reason it is essential to keep taking water to supplement the water lost during the food dehr=ydration process .

From the above comparison it is evident that each type of food has its benefits and limit . Depending on your lifestyle , occupation or activity at the moment you can choose the food that goes better with you.