Crunchy Apple Chips

Crunchy Apple Chips
 Crunchy Apple Chips with cinnamon:
A healthy snack with no added sugar. Our Crispy retain nutritional values similar to fresh apples, have high fibre content and good flavour. One pack holds 2 crunchy apples which are enriched with natural cinnamon flavour.


Apples are not peeled and hence one 20 g pack of apple chips is a nutritious values equivalent of 2 fresh apples. They are rich in Vitamin C and fibre: help to lose weight, purify the organism from heavy metals and toxins , decrease the risk of sclerosis

Crunchy Apple slices created especially for children: Crunchy Apple Chips with banana flavour Crunchy Apple Chips with strawberry flavour
Children from schools and  kindergartens like to crunch Crispy natural chips!
* According to GDA – Guideline Daily intake set for adults at 2000 kcal/24h.
Demand for energy and the nutrients is individual, depending on age, sex, weight, health status and physical activity.

The nutritional value of the product
 100g Package / 20g /
 Energy value 1334 kJ

314 kcal

267 kJ

63 kcal

 protein 1.7 g 0.3 g
 carbohydrates, including sugars 76.2 g

69.8 g

15.2 g

13.9 g

 fat, including saturated fatty acids 0.3 g

0.1 g

0.1 g

0.0 g

 cellulose 14.7 g 2.9 g