Crunchy Beetroot Crisps

beetroot-crispsCrunchy Beetroot crisps:

Beetroots are not peeled and hence one 20 g pack of Beetroot Crisps is a nutritious values equivalent of 3 fresh beetroots.Fat-free, healthy slices of dry beetroot have high nutritious values, retain natural apperance and flavour. What is more, they contain no preservatives, sugar or salt added. Crunchy Beetroot crisps have a subtle vinaigrette flavour.

* According to GDA – Guideline Daily intake set for adults at 2000 kcal/24h.
Demand for energy and the nutrients is individual, depending on age, sex, weight, health status and physical activity.
The nutritional value of the product
Package / 20g /
 Energy value
1114 kJ
263 kcal
223 kJ
53 kcal
11.6 g
2.3 g
 carbohydrates, including sugars
50.7 g
44.9 g
10.1 g
9.0 g
 fat, including saturated fatty acids
1.5 g
1.0 g
0.3 g
0.2 g
26.0 g
5.6 g
1.0 g
0.2 g
antioxidants 2700mg 540mg